All students are required to observe the following rules:


  • Students are to be punctual for all lessons, CCA and school activities. Students who are not at the assembly area by the respective times are deemed late for school.

  • Students are to attend all lessons/CCAs/enrichment programmes/supplementary/remedial lessons during term time and designated days during school holidays. A medical certificate or a letter of excuse from parent/guardian must be presented to the form teacher immediately upon return to school. Failure to do so will be deemed as truancy.
  • For all school assessments including SA1, SA2 and term tests, only medical certificates are accepted as being absent as a valid reason.
  • Students must attend all school functions. Absence from these functions must be covered by a medical certificate or a letter of excuse from parent/guardian.
  • For school-organised activities (e.g. excursions), only students with valid and completed consent forms will be allowed to go.
  • Students must remain within the school grounds once they have reported to school.
  • Students who wish to leave early in the event of illness or unexpected circumstances must adhere to the following procedure:
    • Student is to seek permission from subject teacher and report to the General Office.
    • Teacher is to contact parent/guardian to come to the school to fetch the student.
    • Student is to wait for the parent/guardian's arrival at the Sick Bay/General Office.
    • Parent/guardian is to proceed to the General Office to obtain the 'Permission to take child home' form.
    • The Principal, Vice-Principal or HOD on duty will sign the 'Permission to take child home' form.
    • Parent/guardian must record the student's particulars on the 'Permission take child home' form before the student can leave.
  • All visitors, including parents and former students, must obtain visitor passes from the General Office before proceeding to any part of the school.
  • Visitors without the passes will be asked to leave the school premises immediately.


School Uniform
  • Students are
     to wear the prescribed school uniform in school, during school functions, during school holiday activities (e.g. enrichment programmes), and when representing the school in any outside events. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • Students must button and tuck in their shirts and blouses at all times.
  • Students are not allowed to fold the sleeves of their school shirts/blouses at all times.
  • For boys:
      • Be dressed in short-sleeved beige shirts and blue shorts.
  • For girls:
      • Be dressed in short-sleeved beige blouses and blue skirts.
      • The hem of the skirts must be at knee length.
  • Students are to ensure that they look smart and neat at all times.

PE Attire
  • Students must wear the prescribed PE attire during PE lessons/CCA.
  • Students must tuck in their PE T-shirts at all times.
  • Students are allowed to wear their PE T-shirts and school shorts/ skirts throughout the day on the days that they have PE lessons.

CCA T-shirts and Attire
  • Students are to wear the prescribed CCA T-shirts or attire only during their CCA, except for P1 and P2 students.

School Badges and Name Tag
  • Students are to put on their name tags at all times while in school uniform or PE T-shirts.
  • The name tags must be sewn/ironed-on securely above the school crest.
  • Student leaders are to wear their badges at all times while in school uniform or PE attire.

  • Students are to wear only the prescribed school socks.
  • Students are to wear white rubber shoes or white-based track shoes with white laces together with the prescribed school socks at all times, including during CCA/enrichment programmes/supplementary/remedial lessons all through the school term or school holidays.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any casual footwear such as slippers/sandals at all times, except for medical reasons.

  • Students are to keep their hair neat and well-combed.
  • Students are not to dye or tint their hair.
  • Students are not to gel their hair into any untidy/ fanciful styles.
  • Students with unacceptable, modified, punk or distracting hairstyles will have to revert to acceptable hairstyles.
  • For boys:
      • Boys' hair must be kept simple, short and should not touch the eyebrows/ears/collar of the school shirt/PE T-shirt.
      • Boys are not allowed to keep facial hair and boys with facial hair will be required to be clean-shaven.
  • For girls:
      • Shoulder-length hair must be neatly plaited or tied up.
      • Hair fringes over the forehead should not touch the eyebrows.
      • Girls are to wear only small, black or dark blue hair clips/rubber bands/ribbons.
      • Girls are not to sport any fanciful hairstyles, including hair extensions.

  • Students are to keep short and clean fingernails at all times.
  • Students are not to put nail polish on their fingernails or toenails.

Ornaments and Jewellery
  • Students  are not to wear any forms of ornaments or jewellery while in school uniform.
  • Girls are allowed to wear only one pair of small and simple ear studs/ear-sticks.
  • Students are to wear religious articles hidden under the school shirt/ blouse or PE T-shirts.


Be Respectful Towards People
  • Students are to show respect and obey the Principal, Vice- Principal, teachers, student leaders and non-teaching staff.
  • Students are to be courteous and greet the Principal, Vice- Principal, teachers, student leaders and non-teaching staff, all students of JWPS, school vendors, parent volunteers and all the visitors to the school.

Be Respectful Towards Properties
  • Students  are to take responsibility over their personal possessions in the school.
  • Students are to handle others' possessions with due respect.
  • Students are to handle school furniture, equipment and property with care.
  • Vandalism will be dealt with severely.
  • Students are to respect all official documents.

Be Respectful Towards the Environment
  • Students  are not to litter at all times.
  • Students are to keep their classrooms clean and tidy at all times.
  • Students are to switch off all lights and fans before leaving the classrooms.
  • Students are to close all windows at the end of the school day.
  • Students are to use the dustbins in the school compound or in the classrooms to dispose of waste material properly.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to practise the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) conscientiously to reduce wastage and conserve resources.
  • Students are to keep the toilets clean and dry at all times. They are to flush after use and dispose of any used tissue paper properly.

Be Respectful Towards Singapore
  • Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.
  • Students are to take the Pledge with the right fish clenched and placed over the left side of the chest.
  • Students are to stand at attention and face the flags when the National Anthem is being sung and the Pledge is being recited.
  • Students are to observe the ceremony with solemnity and respect.
  • Students of other nationalities are to stand at attention throughout the ceremony.


In the Classroom
  • Students  are to stay attentive and follow the teachers' instructions at all times.
  • Students are to bring all required textbooks, workbooks, exercise books, notes, art materials, musical instrument and stationery according to their time-table.
  • Students are not to change their seats without permission from their teachers.
  • Students are not to eat food and snacks (e.g. sweets, chocolates etc.) in the classroom at all times.
  • Students are to obtain the teacher's permission before entering and leaving the classroom. The 'Permission to Leave the Classroom' pass must be worn prominently when outside the classroom. Only two students are allowed to leave the classroom at any time.
  • Students are to take pride in their school work and submit the best effort in good time.
  • Students are to cooperate with the teachers, prefects and monitors to maintain discipline and maximize learning in the classroom.
  • Students are to leave the classroom for recess with the belongings that they need. Students are not allowed to remain or return to the classroom during recess unless supervised by a teacher.
  • Students are exempted from PE lessons only if they are sick in which case, they have to present the medical certificate to the PE teacher. Students who have PE lessons must report to the PE teacher even if they are unwell. Students are not allowed to remain in the classrooms or attend to other matters without the permission of their PE teachers.

Change of Period
  • Students are to remain seated and prepare for the next lesson while waiting for the next subject teacher to come in. Students are to refrain from shouting, talking and/ or walking about.
  • Students are not to leave the classroom or visit the toilet during the change of period (without the permission of a teacher).

In the Hall
  • Students are to be seated and read their books quietly once they are in the hall. Students are to refrain from talking to others. Students should not do their homework or revise for spellings or tests during this time.
  • Students are to observe silence when in the hall for assembly talks/presentations/any school functions. Students should show their appreciation for the presenter by clapping their hands at the end of the presentation. Students are now allowed to jeer at all times.
  • Students are to ask a teacher for permission before leaving the hall for any reasons.

In the Canteen
  • Students  are to go to the canteen for food only during the allocated recess period.
  • Students are not allowed to purchase drinks from the canteen stall after their PE lessons.
  • Students are to queue up for food and drinks in an orderly manner.
  • Students are to consume all food and drinks in the canteen.
  • Students are to keep the canteen clean and dry. Students are to avoid spilling food or leaving food scraps behind on the table.
  • Students are to return all used crockery/cutlery/glasses to the correct collection bins provided.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the canteen vendor's enclosure.

Silent Reading
  • Students are to read silently during silent reading.
  • Students are not allowed to do their homework or be engaged in other activities during silent reading.

Movement from Point to Point
  • Students are to assemble in an orderly manner outside their classrooms before walking as a class to any part of the school (canteen, art room, music room etc.). Silence is to be strictly observed at all times.
  • Students must walk quietly along the corridors in order not to disrupt on-going classes.
  • Students are to adhere to JWPS Walk Rules when they move from point to point.
    • Walk quietly
    • Adhere to pit-stops
    • Look straight
    • Keep left

In the Public
  • Students are to conduct themselves in a proper manner.
  • Students are to avoid gathering at unauthorised places or be a nuisance at public places.
  • Students are expected to uphold the good name of the school during and outside school hours by maintaining self-discipline and good manners.
  • Students are expected to be a good ambassador of the school while wearing the school uniform outside the school.
  • Students are not allowed to play at the void deck or loiter around the neighbourhood in their school uniforms.


  • Students are not allowed to bring the following items to school. This includes sharp and dangerous items, toys, playing cards, computer games, iPods, mp3 players or any electronic or digital devices. If any of these devices are found, they will be confiscated. Parents must collect these items personally from the Principal.

Road Safety Rules
  • Walk on footpaths, pedestrian crossings and overhead bridges.
  • Obey the pedestrian crossing rules and the laws of Singapore.
  • Cross the roads at traffic junctions.
  • Obey the teachers, parent volunteers and traffic police officers at all times.
  • Wear light coloured clothing at night.
  • Stop on the road kerb to practise the road kerb drill, "Look right, look left and look right again." to confirm that the road is clear.

Travelling by Bus
  • Keep off bus bay at all times.
  • Flag the bus in advance.
  • Queue for the bus in an orderly manner.
  • Board and alight from the bus in an orderly manner.

  • Ensure that your bicycle is always in a good condition.
  • Ride the bicycle in a single file.
  • Hold the handle bar at all times.
  • Use correct hand signals to indicate your intention to other traffic.

Travelling by Car or School Bus
  • Put on your best behaviour at all times.
  • Put on the seat belts at all times.

Traffic Signs
  • Adhere to traffic signs at all times.

  • Students must observe any new rules, policies, practices and/or regulations as stipulated by the school administration and the Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Department in the course of the academic year.