To create a language rich environment that facilitates the acquisition of a high standard of English proficiency in the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Objectives of the Department

The English Department aims to equip our pupils with the skills to speak, read and write efficiently by the end of their Primary Education. Identified as the Niche of Excellence in Spoken English since 2007, all teachers in the school have been trained and are proficient in the teaching of good English to our pupils. In addition, the department also has regular programmes to hone the skills of our pupils in this core subject.
Head of Department
Mdm Hamidah Binti Osman

Level Head
Mrs Tan-Tan Mei Ching

Mr Kong Kum Cheong
Mdm Beena Prabakharan
Mrs Margaret Tan - Lim Siok Ming Margaret
Mdm Sakuntala
(STELLAR Coordinator) 
 Mdm Priscilla Lim Shao Leng
(P1 Assistant Year Head)
Miss Doris Ng Shu Hui
(P2 Assistant Year Head)
Ms Shamini D/O Gopal Krishnasamy 
(Student Leadership - Covering)
Mdm Siti Mariam (Mrs Farihin)
Mdm Ameenal Bevi D/O Mohamed Ali Mrs Syafrein-Mdm Nur Idayu Binte Roslee
 Mrs Vasu-Mdm Gomathi D/O Krishnan Ms Cindy Sim
Mdm K Sunitha Mdm Dina Kharismawati 
 Mr Mohamed Shahnaz Bin Mohamed Hussa Mrs George Sudha 
 Ms Balapunitha Mdm Noor Laily Binte Sukanda
Ms Ng Wei Ching
Ms Tan Le-Shon 
Mr Mahader
Ms Choo Swee Chiang
Mdm Irene Francis