P1-P3 Math Problem Solving Workshop for teachers

On 17 April 2017, the Math department conducted a problem-solving workshop for lower primary Math teachers. The objectives of the workshop included understanding the learning progression for solving word problems in terms of complexity and across topics, understanding the factors affecting students’ ability in solving word problems, and the relevant strategies available for teachers to help their students solve word problems.

Understanding word problems was the most frequently cited difficulty by many teachers and students. The workshop was participative in nature and various strategies (Eg, looking for obvious and unobvious information, chunking method, blocking-out parts of the word problem, using visual representation to piece information together and ‘BEST Mathematical problem-solving Approach’) were presented and reinforced to Lower primary Math teachers during this workshop to better acquaint them with the applicable strategies for solving word problems, with the aim of bringing qualitative changes and improvement in teaching students how to solve word problems more effectively and confidently.

Maths Recognition Scheme


The Maths department motivates students to continually excel in Maths through recognising students who have made good progress for each semestral assessment.