Mission / Objectives Of Department

To provide students with skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to make active living a way of life.

This programme includes planned activities incorporating a wide range of experiences that are organised to meet the needs and interests of all students. The instructional component is the main focus of the physical education programme with the co-curricular activities (CCA), special events, Health and Fitness Club (HFC) and leadership programme being important and related components of the overall programme. We encourage a high level of involvement in all aspects of the programme.
Head of Department (PE, CCA)
Mr Lau Ban Hwee

Subject Head (Aesthetics & CCA)
Mr Daryl Ong

Subject Head (Aesthetics)
Miss Jean Chia (Covering) 

Mdm Suriati
Ms Jean Chia
(Art Coordinator)
Miss Chan Min Yi Mandy
(Music Coordinator)
Miss Cindy Sim
 Mrs Vasu-Mdm Gomathi D/O Krishnan
Mdm Doris Heng
Mrs Syafrein
Mr Mahader
Mr Jeremy Lim
Mr Azli
Ms Tan Le-Shon
Ms Amanda Tan
Miss Aliah (AED) Mr Troy Chong 
 Mdm Raheelah Ms Fizah 

Programme Goals:

  • Every student will leave our programme with the basic skill development and fitness level that is required to participate in a variety of healthy lifestyle, recreational, or competitive actvities.
  • All students gain an appreciation and understanding of the importance of making good lifestyle choices.
  • Develop a strong and positive relationship with the parents and community to help them better understand, appreciate, and encourage positive lifestyle choices in their families and community around them.