Physical Education

The school focuses on providing each and every of our pupils with ample opportunities to participate in different physical activities and programmes throughout the year. Programmes and activities were carried out during formal and non-formal curriculum time to ensure mass participation and to encourage regular physical activities among our pupils.

Highlights of our PE Programmes

    1. All our Primary 1 to 3 pupils will go through the “Lower Primary Games Day” while the Primary 4 to 6 pupils participates in the “Annual Sports Day”.
    2. The school have a total of 23 different CCAs for pupils to choose from (10 Sports CCAs, 6 Clubs and Societies, 2 Uniform Groups, 2 Performing Arts Clubs and 3 Cultural Activities Clubs)
    3. Our Primary 5 pupils will have a chance to participate in the 3 days 2 nights Leadership Camp. We will be moving this programme down to our P4 pupils starting 2012.
    4. The P4 to P6 Inter-Class Year-End Games were conducted after the exams in Term 4.
    5. All our Primary 1 and 2 pupils went through the pilot phase of the “Programme for Active Learning” (PAL) in 2010. Even though we are a double session school, the school deliberately extended the curriculum time for our P3 pupils in 2011 so that they are able to continue to enjoy the benefits ofPAL. ThroughPAL, the P1 and 2 pupils experienced 14 hours of the Sports and Games module where they learned to explore the different fundamental movements through the gymnastics and kids athletics programmes.  Our P3 pupils got to explore the game of Netball.

School Annual Sports Day 2014

The annual School Sports Day was held on Thursday, 6 March 2014. It was a hot and sunny day. The spirit was high, the atmosphere was great and the stadium was blast with our JWPS staff, students and our stakeholders.

Congratulations to Cheetah House for clinching all the awards at one go! (first time in JWPS history we have a House that clinched ALL the awards in a day! Excellent job!) Well done to the rest of the Houses for putting forth their best effort in terms of organizing the training sessions, cheers, props, doing their respective duties and going beyond that.

The purpose of the Sports Day and the house practices is to expose our students to track events and through the process, they learn the importance of teamwork, resilience and mutual respect. We see ALL of them emerging as champions and winners on that day J

On behalf of the PAM department, we would like to thank each and everyone of you who have contributed to the success of our Sports Day 2014. We know that it was not easy for teachers and students to brave the heat and to stick to their various position throughout that few hours. We can really see everyone giving their best to perform what is required. It was also very encouraging to watch students cheering loudly for the Parent-Teacher race and all the volunteers who came to help.  This year Sports Day would not have been successful if not for everyone of YOU!  

Well done Jurong West Primary School and we look forward to an eventful Sports Day next year!.

Health Education

Through the school’s Health Education programme, we strive to equip our students with the knowledge and skills in developing healthy habits.
Besides the once-a-week HE lesson, the school has other initiatives to promote healthy habits among our pupils:

      1. Interactive assembly programmes and health talks were conducted regularly.
      2. All pupils will participate in a series of health-related activities organized by the school during the “Health Week” in Term 3.
      3. The P4 girls will attend the “Whisper Talk” to prepare them for puberty.
      4. Our P3 students will have a learning journey to the “Health Zone” as part of their IPW project.
      5. The school has collaborated with the HPB in the “Fruity-Veggie Bites” programme to encourage the eating of fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition Workshop 2014

A progamme for the P3 pupils, as part of their IPW, to learn about Healthy Living. In this programme, they learn more about leading a healthy lifestyle, the Healthy Diet Pyramid, various food groups menu planning. A sandwich making demonstration was carried out to show them how to make healthy sandwiches.





Music Programmes

Recess Interlude (Primary 1 to 6)

The activity serves as a platform for students to showcase their musical talents such as singing, dancing, playing an instrument and etc. in a friendly environment.
tn.PE Recess Interlude 1.jpg.2.jpg tn.PE Recess Interlude 2.jpg.2.jpg

PAL Music (Primary 1 and 3)

PAL music programme aims to develop fundamental musical skills through working out a multi ethnic ensemble.
tn.PE PAL 1.jpg.2.jpg

Sing Cum Dance (Primary 1 to 2)

The Sing Cum Dance event exposes students to various music performances and builds up their confidence in performing.
PE Dance 1.jpg tn.PE Dance 2.jpg.2.jpg

Ukelele Programme (Primary 4)

The Ukelele programme enables students to understand the basics of music and appreciate it through the learning of the ukulele.

Ethnic Percussion (Primary 6)  

The Ethnic Percussion programme gives students an opportunity to learn drumming using different percussion instruments from various cultures.

ART Programmes

At the end of 6 years, every pupil has an opportunity to express themselves in various forms of art.  Using art as a platform, pupils will get a chance to showcase their talents in their artwork and take part in competitions.

From the framework, we can see how our pupils progressively learn the different forms of art in their 6 years of primary education.  By the end of 6 years, they have built their portfolio based on 4 broad areas.Art1.jpg

P5 A IS FOR ART 2014 

The A is For Art Programme – Ceramics was conducted from 7 January to 14 March 2014 for 10 weeks.  240 pupils from P5 level were taught on the history of Ceramics, handbuilding techniques in ceramic making, Glazing and Firing and Decorative Tile Techniques – Relief and Sgraffito Techniques on terra cotta clay.

Art 1.jpg
Art 2.jpg

Art 4.jpg
Art 3.jpg

1st Prize winner:  Ujeshvanan from 4C  
He won $300 cash and a trophy.

2nd Prize winner: Teh Jun Jie from 6A
He won $200 cash and a trophy