Dear Parents,

        Welcome to the new academic year!  As we welcome 2019, I am excited about the opportunities this year brings, and ask that you join me in this partnership to make this yet another joyful year to nurture each JWPS student into becoming an engaged Learner, a reflective THInker and a selfless Leader.

        2018 was an exhilarating year for the school as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary together as one big family. The school celebrated this milestone by hosting a carnival that was filled with fun games and activities, launching our official JWPS Alumni Association and staging a musical. After almost 11 months of extensive trainings to prepare themselves for their respective roles, the cast did themselves proud under the spotlight by successfully putting up the musical, Mulan, at Dunman High Performing Arts Centre. The school body, members of the School Advisory Committee (SAC), members of the Alumni and parents were delightfully treated to two spectacular evening performances on 15 and 16 November 2018. This production also provided our students with a platform for creative expression, showcasing their talents, building on one another’s strengths and working towards improving their weaknesses to become greater selves.

        Our 2018 cohort performed well in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) by attaining breakthrough results.  Beyond the academic, the school has also provided the students with different learning platforms to bring about varied and meaningful learning experiences and a vibrant environment where students discover their inherent talents and abilities and excel to their personal best. It is our great pleasure to witness our students also excelling in areas like sports and the arts. We would like to attribute these stellar results to the synergy and hard work of our dedicated staff and parents. These are testimonies that JWPS is heading in the right direction in developing holistic children poised for future learning.

        Amidst the backdrop of a renewed MOE focus which are directed to encourage students find joy in learning and enable the shift in mind-sets that are fixated on academic grades, the school is already committed to be less exam-centric. For example, the school has removed the Primary 3 First Semestral Assessment (SA1) and implemented Project Inno, an inquiry-based learning project, in the English, Math, Science and Mother Tongue curricula.

        Aligned to the MOE’s espoused shared beliefs, the school designs its programmes to develop the character, mind and body of our students. We look forward to nurture in them sound values and develop their knowledge, skills and dispositions now and beyond in the following 3 focus areas;

1.        Every Child Wants to Learn and Can Learn

        We believe that when the students find meaning in learning, are motivated and challenged, they will take ownership of their own learning.  Project Inno is implemented to achieve this. The 4 projects that the students embark in are aimed at cultivating a sense of curiosity in them about themselves and the environment in which they live in. They also provide opportunities to every student to learn different skills over time and at their own pace. Through these projects, a vibrant and enriching learning environment is created and learning is enhanced through independent problem-solving skills. By taking ownership of their own learning, students will find greater joy in it and be more engaged.

2.        We Value Every Child As An Individual

        We believe that every student has unique combinations of abilities and needs that affect learning and deserves the opportunity to learn in ways that make the most of his or her strengths and help him or her overcome his or her weaknesses. Bearing in mind that our students have diverse learning needs and a wide range of experiences, the support and intervention programmes like banded classes are carefully designed to embrace every learner and ensure that learning is effective. To enable every child to learn at his or her own pace, our teachers adapt their teaching approaches and design lessons that support every learner.   

3.        Learn For Life Initiatives

        We believe that ‘Learn for Life’ is an important skill that our students need to possess to face the challenges of an increasingly complex world. To nurture lifelong learners, the school is committed to help the students discover more joy and develop stronger intrinsic motivation in learning. The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) that develop the students in communication skills and Learning for Life Programme (LLP) that focus on outdoor survival skills provide opportunities for every student to learn, master and apply these skills in environments that emphasise not just attainment, but also inclusiveness of students of all abilities and social economic status. 

        As we enter into the third decade of JWPS’s existence, the school will continue to nurture every student into becoming someone who has an inquisitive mind, a strong body and gracious heart. I look forward to a journey of helping every student discover and fulfil his or her dreams. As a school, we remain committed to deliver quality education to every student, providing him or her with positive school experiences and the best opportunity to thrive in this volatile, uncertain and fast-changing world. 

Chris Loh