Dear Parents,

Warmest greetings from Jurong West Primary School! It is my great pleasure to welcome you back to a new school year! A warm welcome too to all the new families joining JWPS this year. I look forward to another continued partnership with you to help our students develop the joy of learning and to be lifelong learners.

Firstly, I would like to extend my congratulations to all the P6 graduates for their excellent achievement in the 2020 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). They have done our school proud and successfully progressed to secondary schools of their choice, including a number of students recognised for their strengths through Direct School Admission (DSA). The excellent results is a testament of the unwavering commitment given to our students by their teachers and parents. As an educator, I believe that instilling the love for learning that stays with the student through life is very important. Thus, I have confidence that the broad range of experiences that the school has provided for our graduates will help them discover more joy and develop intrinsic motivation in learning in their current schools and beyond.

Young Environmental Enthusiasts

In line with MOE’s new direction of shifting away from an exam-heavy curriculum, the school implemented ‘Project Inno’ for the Primary 3 students in 2019. Similarly, with the removal of the  Primary 5 mid-year examination this year, the school has implemented another school-based learning programme known as the ‘Young Environmental Enthusiasts’ for students in this level. This learning programme is intended for students to deepen their learning, discover their strengths and become independent lifelong learners. Centering around the theme on environment, students will be engaged in different activities during their English, Math, Science and Mother Tongue lessons to explore issues and perspectives related to environmental awareness.

Ministry of Education (MOE) Kindergarten (MK)

Our school is amongst the 8 primary schools in Singapore that will be the new location of an MOE kindergarten in 2022. At present, the infrastructure upgrading process is in progress and the registration for admission to K1 in 2022 for this new kindergarten will take place in 2021.

COVID-19 entered Singapore around Chinese New Year period and has caused much concerns and fear. In Jurong West Primary School, we have taken the necessary steps recommended by MOE to ensure the safety of our students while learning and lessons can continue. Despite some inconvenience and amendments to programmes, we are confident of our ability to deliver quality education to your children. Together, we can overcome COVID-19.

Focus Areas

In 2020 and beyond, the school is committed to provide a broad based, holistic education for the students, particularly focusing in 3 areas; Learn for Life, Embrace All Leaners and Enhance Student Well-being.

1.    Learn for Life

Future-ready students will need to be equipped with both broad knowledge and practical skills. Hence, to help prepare our students to face the potential challenges of the future, we have put together learning packages for them. These packages are developed to help our students gain new knowledge, skills and values in both academic and non-academic areas. The packages include the Academic Proficiency Package, the Life Skill Package and the Leadership Development Package. They are also aimed at realising the school vision of nurturing every JWPS student into becoming an engaged Learner, a reflective THInker and a selfless Leader.

2.    Embrace All Learners

Our students have varying abilities and learning needs and we place great emphasis on embracing and developing every learner. To maximise their potential in learning and help them achieve competency and success in their own ways, we provide students with the Baseline Support Package, the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Package, the ‘Diversity in Strength’ Package and the Lift-up Support Package. Through these packages, we support all learners and motivate them to take ownership of their own learning.

3.    Enhance Student Well-being

Student well-being is an important element in overall student success. With that in mind, the school generates a safe and positive learning environment that promotes nurturing the whole child; head, body and mind. Packages that focus on developing the students in the areas of physical, mental, social, emotional and moral are put in place. Such packages include the Physical Well-being Package, the Social and Emotional Well-being Package, the Moral Well-being package and the Talent Development Package.

Going forward, my team and I will continue to deliver fun and engaging learning experiences for our students so that they will have a meaningful and enjoyable education. We also look forward to working closely with our stakeholders to help our students discover their strengths and interests, develop deep skills in the different aspects of development and achieve success.