Primary 1 Assistant Year Heads - Mdm Doris Ng and Mrs Margaret Tan (Covering)

Primary 2 Assistant Year Head - Mdm Lim Shao Leng Priscilla (Covering)

Primary 3 Assistant Year Head - Miss Lau Chin Yong

Primary 4 Assistant Year Heads - Ms Gladys Ong and Miss Tan CK (Covering)

Primary 5 Assistant Year Head - Miss Emily Lim (Covering)

Primary 6 Assistant Year Heads - Mrs Sophia Ow Yong and Mdm Norlia (Covering)

Learning Support Teachers

Margaret Lim (Mrs)
LSP (English)
Norlia Bte Safi'ee (Ms)
LSM (Math) 
 Dina Kharismawati (Mdm)
LSP (English)
Muhammad Ali B Abdul Aziz (Mr)
LSM (Math)
Francis Irene (Mdm)
LSP (English)

Allied Educators (AED), Flexi-Adjunct (FA) and Contract-Adjunct (CA)

Tan Lay Hah Julia (Mdm) - AED T&L
Siti Aqilah Binte Jumaat (Mdm) - AED T&L
Noor Laily Binte Sukanda (Mdm) - AED T&L
Charmaine Chee Hsieh Mei (Ms) - AED Counselling
Lim Miao Jing (Ms) - AED LBS
Noor Sayyidah Binte Mohammad (Mdm) - AED LBS
Choo Swee Chiang (Mdm) - CA
Toh Hong Yee (Mdm) - CA 
Francis Irene (Mdm) - CA
Phyllis Pang Koon Seng (Mdm) - FA
Wu Kan Hwei (Miss) - FA
Grace Koh (Mrs) - FA
 Sarifah Bte Sudin (Mdm) - FA
Ng Wei Sze Linda (Mdm) - FA
James (Mrs) - FA