International Friendship Day 2016

On 7th and 8th April 2016, the school commemorated International Friendship Day. The objectives are for students to:

•       Understand Singapore’s relations with neighbouring countries and beyond.

•       Be able to learn and appreciate different cultures so that we will be able to             learn from different life experiences.

•       Cultivate strong bonds of friendship based on trust.


We focused on 2 NE Messages, which are

NE Message 2: We must preserve racial and religious harmony, and

NE Message 6: We have confidence in our future.

This year, the theme for International Friendship Day is ASEAN.


Activities conducted for students

On 5th and 6th April 2016, all students Reading article related to ASEAN during TSIT. They

read one article per day, after which teachers discussed the articles with students.

On 7th and 8th April 2016, students got to see the Static Display of ASEAN country flag 

and costumes which were portrayed along the corridor near the canteen. The students also wrote

notes of friendship to their friends during Recess Interlude. Teachers and NE Ambassadors

presented the PowerPoint Slides on International Friendship Day during TSIT Lesson. All students 

did the classroom-based activities during FTGP Lesson.


Primary 1 and 2 students completed a matching activity where they match national flowers 

to the Countries they represent, and a colouring activity where they colour one of the 

ASEAN flags and bring the flag home.



Primary 3 and 4 students completed a group-based quiz where teachers pose true-or-false 

statements pertaining to ASEAN and in groups, students are to discuss how they derive the 




Primary 5 and 6 students completed a group activity where they have to draw a logo and 

come up with a slogan to illustrate the importance of making friends with neighbouring 

countries. After that, students have to share their group presentations on their ideas.



The students had an enriching and enjoyable International Friendship Day!

Zippy’s Friends Programme for Primary 1 Students

    Throughout 2014, our school counsellor, Miss Charmaine Chee, has been running Zippy’s Friends 

program with all the primary 1 classes. Zippy's Friends was introduced as it was researched to be 

helpful for primary one students to manage the transition from preschool to primary schools and to equip 

them with practical socio-emotional skills. This is an evidence-based programme that is recommended 

by the Health Promotion Board and supported by Ministry of Education Guidance Branch. Zippy’s 

Friends has been run in a wide variety of countries and cultures. 

    The students learn 12 topics. The topics include: feelings, communication, friendship, conflict 

resolution, problem-solving, bullying, change and loss, and adapting to new situations. The learning 

is facilitated through students learning how to find their own solutions, discover strengths in themselves 

and others, and expand on their range of coping strategies. These are done through stories, role 

playing, brainstorming, drawing, working with puppets and playing games. The students are engaging 

and are often eager to raise their hands and provide answers and solutions. Each student has an activity 

book in which they record their learning and also give feedback on the lessons. Feedback from the 

students and teachers have been positive. In the coming last lesson, each student will receive a Certificate 

on completion of the programme.



In circle.jpg


EAGLES/ECHA & Good Progress Award
JWPS 2012 Edusave Awards 






70 students

30 students

112 students


  1. For EAGLES Award, each primary school will be allocated an award quota equal to 10% of its Singaporean students. The award is given to Primary 4-6 students who excels in the area of Leadership, Achievement and Service  rendered to the school or community.

  2. For ECHA Award, each primary school will be allocated an award quota equal to 2% of its Singaporean students. Awardees must demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behavior and actions.

  3. GPA Award is given to Singaporean students in each school by level (Primary 2-6) who has made significant improvement in his academic studies.

Form 2012 onwards,  all awardees will be notified on the award presentation ceremony details (date, time and venue)

where award vouchers and certificates will be presented by the Grassroots Advisers of the respective constituencies.

Values in Education (VIA)

Jurong West Primary School believes that community involvement allows students to be active contributors as well as concerned citizens in Singapore. VIA is an important component of Character and Citizenship Education Education. It promotes active citizenry by involving students in meaningful and engaging activities to school , community and overseas.

All P1-P6 students need to do a mandatory 6 hrs of VIA . We planned a variety of VIA programmes and collaborated with the departments in our school to provide opportunities for students to learn.  The programmes are reflected in the table below.





P 1

Self / Home / School

1.Personal Responsibility  (At home and school)

- Booklet to be collected and filed into PERI file in Semester 1

Term 1

2. Classroom Cleaning

Term 3

P 2

Self / Home / School

1.Personal Responsibility  (At home and school)

- Booklet to be collected and filed into PERI file in semester 1

Term 1

2. Classroom Cleaning

Term 3

P 3

 Home / School

1.Little Green Fingers Project: Tomato Planting (IPW)

Term 1-2

2.IPW: Sandwich Making @ Home
-Collect VIA worksheet on Day one of Term 3
-Presentation to be done in Week 2 (1 prd)

June holiday

Term 3

P 4

School / Nation

1. Cleaning Activity 1:  NEA Clean Trail
2. Cleaning Activity 2: Estate Cleaning  with Pioneer CC

Term 3

3. IPW: Presentation to P3 on RHD

Term 3

P 5

School / Nation

1.Little Green Fingers Project: Vegetables Planting (IPW)

Term 3

2. Classroom Cleaning

Term 4

3. IPW: Presentation to peers

Term 3

P 6

School / Nation

1.Home Visits
•Hamper Making
•Preparation of interaction activities
•Actual Visit

Term 4

tn.cip1.jpg.2.jpg tn.cip2.jpg.2.jpg


Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)

We leverage on IPW to develop character (instil values and SEL) and  citizenship (NE, SS and CIP) in an  integrated  manner. Students participate in different activities as they complete projects that focus on themes like Healthy Living (P3), Embracing Diversity(P4) and To Lead is To Serve(P5).   IPW also provides an excellent platform for students to work effectively in teams.  All students were given opportunities to share or present their work to either their own classmates or students from other levels.  This is another platform that the school provides for them to be Confident Speakers.


Literacy Workshop by Educational Psychologist

On 23 April 2013, our School Educational Psychologist conducted a Literacy Workshop to all the teachers. The reason for conducting a Literacy Workshop was due to the teachers’ feedback from Needs Analysis. Based on the result from the Needs Analysis, the highest need was to be equipped with the knowledge and skills of Dyslexia.

After discussing with School Educational Psychologist, we designed two different Literacy Packages targeting the needs of the Lower and Upper Primary Teachers. 

The objectives of the two Literacy Packages were:

  • To learn how to identify students with dyslexia
  • To identify the areas of needs of students with literacy difficulties
  • To learn how to support students with dyslexia and literacy difficulties

By the end of the workshop, teachers should be able to:

  • have an increased awareness of Dyslexia
  • be equipped with the strategies to handle student with Dyslexia
  • be aware of the dos and don’ts when handling student with Dyslexia

Partnership with CITY Community Services




Since 2009, Jurong West Primary School has partnered with CITY Community Services to conduct Befrienders’ Club in our school. The Befrienders’ Club creates an avenue where students can learn and participate in wholesome activities in a positive environment. The program includes homework coaching, life skills, social skills, indoor /outdoor games and craft sessions.

In 2013, the Club concentrated on developing skills for respect for self, others and environment. Learning was creative and interactive, which included self-esteem art and creating useful objects with recycled materials. Every three months, birthdays are celebrated and students get to enjoy birthday cake and wishes. Also, students get to display their creative talent in making craft for teachers during Teachers’ Day week and creations for themselves during Children’s Day week. On 28 May, the students enjoyed an outing to West Coast Park where they were treated to Macdonald meals and play in the extensive playground.

Harmony Through Play 

In commemoration of Part 2 of Racial Harmony Day celebration in school, the CCE/CME Department recognizes the importance of inculcating values through play and games.  As such the CCE/CME committee wanted to give students opportunities to play traditional games with their friends from other races, thus infusing the values of respect and harmony.  A variety of traditional games were put up for students to experience and enjoy with their friends during recess.

CME Activity Week – 2014 


The CME Activity Week for 2014 was conducted in-conjunction to MT Fortnight Week and so it was renamed MT Fortnight-cum-CME Activity Week – 2014.  It was carried out on week 9-10 of term 1 during CME lessons.  Through fun-filled activities, all students learnt important moral values to practice in their daily lives.  These activities were planned by the CCE-CME Committee to achieve these objectives:-  

1. To create a platform for students to actively learn MTL and its culture so as to experience their MTL as a living language.
2. To provide authentic opportunities for students to use MTL and experience their culture.
3. To engage the students in activities allowing them to appreciate and use their MTL.
To instill values through fun-filled and meaningful activities so as to ensure that they will put the values into practice.




Primary 1 & 2


Students learnt the significance of Chinese Tea in the Chinese culture.

Students decorated a Chinese tea set.

Primary 3 & 4


Students learnt the basic steps of Dikir Barat and perform a simple Dikir Barat song with coordinated hand movements.

Primary 5 & 6


Students learnt the significance of Kolam in the Indian culture. 

Students decorated a KOLAM design.

A Parent Volunteer demonstrated the Kolam making to the students in the canteen during recess.  Students had a hands-on session in the making of Kolam too!

Apart from the classroom-based activities, students also performed during recess for the Recess Interlude.  Multi-racial performances were put up by students from all levels.









Tea invitation with Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister of Education on 25 March 2014


Mrs Joyce Lim (VP), Mdm Noorwanie, Izkhairie and his mummy, Mdm Jamilah, attended the invitation to tea in appreciation for their involvement in the production of the MOE TV series “Small Steps, Big Future”.  The informal tea session was held on Tuesday, 25 March 2014 at 4.30pm. Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat, was there to grace the event.

Holiday Camp with Singapore Children’s Society Youth Centre (Jurong) from 6 to 7 June 2013




In April, Singapore Children’s Society Youth Centre (Jurong) invited our school to participate in a free holiday day camp at their centre. The objectives of the camp were to instil three key values – respect, responsibility and resiliency.  We selected 9 students from the ages of 9 to 11 for the camp.

The students eagerly looked forward to the camp as we arrived at the Centre on the first day. After the ice breakers, they learned about team bonding and friendships through recreational and hands-on activities. They continued their social emotional learning on the second day. The afternoon was an amazing race at a nearby park. Overall, it was a meaningful and enjoyable time. We received positive feedback from the students. We saw some of them forging new friendships. A few even asked to participate in such camps again.

W3 CCE Support Group Special Needs Parents’ Conference 2013



On 24 th  August 2013, the first W3 CCE Support Group Special Needs Parents’ Conference 2013 was hosted by Juying Primary School. This conference organized by Juying’s Primary School’s Allied educator (Learning and Behavioural Support) (LBS) was created to provide a platform for parents’ to acquire strategies or knowledge to help their child achieve their potential. 

Speakers at the conference ranged from NIE lecturer, speech and language therapist to AED LBS from primary and secondary schools.  Jurong West Primary School became a participating school at this conference and AED (LBS) Miss Amalia Azmy was also one of the speakers and she spoke on Dyslexia. 

Practical Stress Management Workshop 2013

On 27th May 2013, the school counselor, Ms Charmaine, along with learning and behavioral support officers, Ms Rachel and Ms Lia conducted a one-time practical stress management workshop for selected students.


We collaborated with Mdm Hazilah to select 10 students from 6G to participate in this workshop.

In the workshop, the students get to: 
1) Share about the personal stress they were facing.
2) Learn about the different types of stress.
3) Learn stress-managing skills.

The workshop ended with a game of captain’s ball to help them use exercise to cope with stress and went home with a stress-relief card. 

It was a great bonding session for all of us. It was fun and stress-relieving for the students and teachers involved.

CANtribute 2013



Student Leadership Programme (Prefect)

In Jurong West Primary School, we believe in developing our students’ talents and leadership potential.  The prefects in our school undergo 4 progressive stages of leadership, namely; ‘Nomination & Selection’, ‘Leadership Training’, ‘Opportunities to Lead, and ‘Recognition of Student Leaders’.

Every year, the selection of prefects by their teachers is conducted from Primary 2 to Primary 6.  Our school aims to develop our prefects’ leadership skills and nurture them into becoming leaders of the school.  All prefects attend different leadership workshops conducted by an external service provider every year.  Our school also provides opportunities for our prefects to display their leadership skills in school events like ‘P1 Orientation’, ‘Prize-Giving Day’, ‘JWPS Open House’, ‘Annual Sports Day’ and ‘Teachers Day Concert’ etc.  Our prefects also conduct ‘Value Talks’ for their respective levels during assembly, based on our school core values (RISE); Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline and Excellence.  They are also given opportunities to lead the student population in flag-raising and pledge-taking ceremonies, as well as, making the daily announcements and reading messages  pertaining to National Education, Cyberwellness and ‘Today in History’. In addition, the Primary 6 prefects plan the ‘P6 Graduation Concert’ at the end of the year.

Our prefects are also recognised for their contributions as Outstanding Student Leaders of the school once a semester.  Outstanding P5 Prefects are also sent to attend a leadership camp known as the ‘Sky Camp’ held in Juying Secondary to further develop their leadership skills.

It is the school’s hope that through our leadership development platform, our prefects will uphold their leadership skills and qualities into their future endeavours, and be competent and effective leaders in their own right.


P3-P6 Prefects Briefing on 20 January 2012

The P3-P6 Prefects Briefing was conducted on 20 January 2012 in the school hall. The briefing was conducted by Mr Ali, MR Png and Mrs Michaels and Mdm Sunitha. The prefects learnt more about their roles and responsibilities as Student Leaders of the school.

tn.CCE Prefects 1.jpg.mid.jpgMr Ali conducting the briefing for the P3-P6 prefects

   tn.CCE Prefects 2.jpg.mid.jpg
Prefects attentively listening to the Prefects’ briefing in the Hall.

P6 Prefects Assembly Talk and Story-Telling on ‘Respect’ on 7 and 8 February 2012

The P6 Prefects conducted an Assembly Talk on ‘Respect’ for the P1 to P6 students. It was conducted by Jacqueline Tan (6A), Claudia Chua (6A) and our vice-head prefect, Tan Zheng Jie (6B). The talk was centered on ‘Respect for self and others’ and ‘Respect for the environment’. Tan Zheng Jie also presented a story on ‘Respect’, which was created by our very own teacher, Ms Charmaine Koh.  It took a lot of confidence and self-belief for our P6 prefects to present the talk to their peers on stage. Jurong West Primary School is proud of them!

tn.CCE Prefects 3.jpg.mid.jpgJacqueline Tan(6A) and Claudia Chua (6A) presenting to the school.

tn.CCE Prefects 4.jpg.mid.jpgOur vice-head prefect, Tan Zheng Jie(6B) reading a story on respect to the school.

Student Leadership Training Programme 2014

On the 18th of February, our class student leaders gathered together to attend the school’s Class Leaders Training Programme. The leaders of the 12 different departments came together to learn more about their duties and responsibilities for the year. Below are the leaders trained during the training programme.


Class monitors

English Leaders

Mathematics Leaders

Science Leaders

Mother Tongue leaders

PAM Leaders

ICT Leaders

CCE Leaders

Safety Leaders

AVA Monitors

NE Ambassadors

Health Ambassadors


During the hour long session, our leaders learnt about their roles and responsibilities. They also got a chance to get some useful tips from the various facilitators on how to carry out their duties well. Our leaders also got to play some leadership games.

Our leaders enjoyed the session thoroughly. They felt that they now have a better understanding on how to carry out their duties.





The Befrienders’ Club

The Befrienders’ Club programme is run byCITYCommunity Services (CCS) together with JWPS. The club caters to students who need more  adult supervision and support.

The Club aims to provide a friendly environment for children to learn good values, have fun, and benefit from good role models.  Befrienders’ Club creates opportunities where students can learn and participate in wholesome activities in a positive environment.  It provides the platform to build rapport with the students and enable mentors to meet students at their point of need.

The Club operates on every Tuesday from 12.45 pm to 2.45 pm in CCA Room 3. There will be no charges for weekly sessions with the students.

tn.CCE Befrienders 2.jpg.2.jpg
tn.CCE Befrienders.jpg.2.jpg
Students interacting during one of their session.

    P4 CCE Learning Journey to Heritage Places

On 9 February 2012, all P4 students went for their CCE Learning Journey to the different Heritage Places.  Students were grouped according to their Mother Tongue classes and visited a Heritage Place which is not of their race, for example, a Chinese student visited Kampong Glam and a Malay student visited Little India.  Students learnt about the different cultures and tradition of the place they visited.  The objective of this learning journey is to promote racial harmony and to enable our students to understand the different cultures and tradition of their friends from other races.

tn.CCE LJ 1.jpg.mid.jpgStudents were listening to their Tour Guide explaining about Indian traditional food outside a sweet shop in Little India.

tn.CCE LJ 2.jpg.mid.jpgMrs Misson was giving instructions to her students to take off  their shoes before entering the mosque in Kampong Glam.

P5 CCE Learning Journey to Bukit Chandu

On 6 and 8 February 2012, all P5 students went for their CCE Learning Journey to Bukit Chandu.  Students were exposed to the valour of the brave soldiers from the Japanese invasion of Singapore from 7th to 15th February 1942 through a guided tour.  Students witnessed interesting exhibits and artifacts at Bukit Chandu.  They also watched a video related to the Battle of Pasir Panjang.  The objective of this learning journey is to allow our students to learn more about the life of a war hero so that they appreciate the sacrifices made by the war heroes.

tn.CCE LJ 3.jpg.2.jpg

tn.CCE LJ 4.jpg.2.jpg

Students were listening attentively to the tour guide about the artifacts at Bukit Chandu.

Vietnam Cultural and Immersion Programme 2013

66 of our Primary 5 student leaders were selected and represented Jurong West Primary School for the Vietnam Cultural and Immersion Programme. This meaningful trip provides our student leaders with authentic learning experiences as the school prepares them to be future global citizens. The interaction with foreign students from Vietnam help our student leaders learn to accept and respect differences.

Our students collected donations such as second-hand clothes and new stationery from their schoolmates prior to the trip for the orphans in Vietnam. They also visited historical and cultural sites to learn more about the Vietnamese history and cultures. 





Student Leaders' Training

Our student leaders’ training workshops in JWPS was a mind-boggling event. This is a special year as the school has decided to ensure every student is holding a leadership role to provide him/her with the opportunities to display the school’s core values; Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline and Excellence. This is to be in line with the school goal of developing leadership competencies in our students. We would like every student to graduate after 6 years of primary education with the enriching experience of being a student leader.
To better prepare them, training sessions were carried out so they were equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to carry out his/her duties confidently. Spread out over 3 sessions at the end of term 1 for the P1 and P2 students and at the start of term 2 for P3 to P6 students, the training sessions were carried out during PAL and FTGP lessons. Seeing them all looking so serious and attentive when the teachers were going through the expectations of being a good leader was really heart-warming.
After attending the workshop, the students will be assigned duties and the teachers will be monitoring their performance closely. Outstanding student leaders will be nominated for the RISE AWARD (Outstanding Student Leaders) once a semester. I am very confident that all our students will try their best!