Mission and Objectives of the Department:

To create an enriching environment that enhances the acquisition of Mathematical knowledge and skills, the development of thinking processes, and the appreciation and interest in Math through the integration of IT, games and problem solving strategies.

Based on the Framework of the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum, we aim to :
  • facilitate students in the attainment of mathematical concepts and skills;
  • enhance students' learning through the explication of thinking and the development of metacognitive abilities; and
  • instil a love for Mathematics.
Head of Department
Mrs Jerica Koh

Level Head
Ms Neo Wee Ting Esther

Mrs Sophia Ow Yong
Mdm Hoon Mee Ling Jessie
 Ms Ong Ying Wen Gladys
 Miss Emily Lim Jialin
(Assistant Year Head, P3 P4)
 Miss Wai Lai May (Year Head, P5 P6)Mdm Norlia Bte Safi'ee
(LSM Coordinator) 
Mr Muhammad Ali B Abdul Aziz
(LSM Coordinator)
Mdm Noorwanie Binte Buang
(Cyberwellness Coordinator)
Mr Png Kuan Meng Alphonsus
(CCE Coordinator)
Mrs Wee-Chai Yin Ser
Mdm Eliza Lim Pei LinMdm Woon Hsiao Han
Mdm Siti Nafisah Binte SharifMiss Tan Chee Keng
 Miss Tan Kai LinMs Hui Yin Peng 
Mdm Suhaila Binte Solhan Miss Amanda Tan Wai Ting